Eating clean food is eating food that reduces many processes in production to a minimum.

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Eating clean food is eating food that reduces many processes in production to a minimum. 

Reduce sour, salty, sweet seasonings and fermented foods by choosing only the nutrients your body needs, namely protein, carbohydrates and fats, protein from fish, chicken, and eggs.

Avoid processed foods such as sausages. Do not focus on frying that uses a lot of oil, but may boil or grill on low heat. Or if necessary, fry in a Teflon pan with a little oil. Report by สมัคร ufabet

Carbohydrates should be complex carbohydrates or sugars from high-fiber fruits such as apples and berries.

Fat from deep sea fish or fat that is beneficial to the body. such as olive oil The emphasis is on consuming only a small amount of fat in order to fully absorb the nutrients. And focus on consuming good fats (HDL) mainly because bad fats (LDL) can result in high cholesterol.

No snacks High in carbs and sodium Maybe eat unsalted nuts and seeds instead.

Vegetables and fruits will focus on fresh vegetables or fresh fruits. or through minimal modification

Eating clean food Focus on eating natural foods. Season it sparingly, but it must be cooked and clean according to nutritional principles. One meal will provide no more than 350 kilocalories of energy, which is an appropriate amount for everyone.

economical clean food menus You can do it yourself at home.

Chicken breast fried rice. Fried rice of choice, green peas, diced carrots and onions give sweetness When you stir fry the ingredients until fragrant. Take cook rice and add in half a cup at a time. Followed by chicken eggs Stir well and then add the remaining steamed rice. and sprinkle with boiled and cooked minced chicken meat Get another clean menu to make yourself.