The benefits of Tanaka are more than just whiteness.

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The benefits of Tanaka are more than just whiteness. Burmese women’s smooth faces without any cosmetic enhancements Because of the culture of using Thanaka instead of loose powder. With many properties Whether it is to help protect the skin from acne problems Adjust the skin condition to be whiter and smoother. It is also an herb that is rich in vitamins that improves the efficiency of the skin being well taken care of. Continuous daily use by Burmese women Therefore, it not only helps prevent acne and dark circles. But it also effectively eliminates blemishes, freckles, hyperpigmentation-redness and helps reduce scars.

The properties of Thanaka are. He properties of Thanaka are The bark of Thanaka has a bitter, fragrant taste and is use to cure fever, expel farts, and nourish the mind. Popularly use in aromatic medicine recipes. By grinding it into powder. Then drink and drink with warm water. Helps nourish the heart Feeling dizzy Can cure fatigue Or boil the bark with hot water for women after giving birth to drink to help nourish their strength.

Herbs for beauty using bark  And the heartwood is dri. And then raine or ground into powder and use as a powder to apply on the body. Apply on the face to nourish the skin, reduce rashes, acne, blemishes , and various dark spots. Currently, Thanaka is use as a component of various skin care products or to make Thanaka powder for face mask. By mixing with yogurt or honey in a ratio of 3 to 1. Then mask on the face or body for 10 – 15 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet

Thanaka’s essence is commonly use as a medicine for embalming alcohol and for treating Kasai

Normally, genuine thanaka does not have a very distinct aroma. If you smell it, it smells more fragrant than usual. Or smells good until it hits your nose. It is possible that it is fake.  100% authentic Thanaka powder must come from Thanaka wood only. There are no ingredients at all. And it’s quite rare. For those in the market that are selling Thanaka powder is often use as an ingredient in other forms of cosmetics such as Thanaka lotion, Thanaka soap, Thanaka skin cream. or Thanaka powder, etc., making it more convenient to use Try looking at the label to see how many Thanaka powder ingredients there are.