Lampard hinted at Obama’s thumb according to the old team’s shooting manual.

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Frank Lampard the acting manager of Chelsea team does not shut down the possibility of sending Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. An experienced striker beat Arsenal (May 2) because the options in front of this time are limited. Both referred to have a special motivation to duel the former agency.

Aubameyang was the previous Gunners captain to win the 2020 FA Cup. But after disciplinary issues led to head coach Mikel Arteta being turned down. Cancel contract to move to Barcelona in early 2022 

The 33-carat footballer was bought back to Stamford Bridge last summer. Despite the overall lack of opportunities to compete. But from the current situation Lampard sees the Gabon Spear as number 9 choice. 

“Firstly he was unable to play in both Champions League games (unregistered), just played in the second half. When we played Wolves and then the game against Brentford pard leave a comment. 

“The spear is where you need to be sharper than any other area on the pitch. You have to score goals be consistent at work UFABET

“That is what a great striker needs. If you leave the team for a while. When you come back and have no sharpness It became very difficult.”

“The best strikers are always on the pitch. They keep fit and score goals. Everything is consistent.”

“When I came to work What is clear is that Aubameyang hasn’t played much this season. 

“But another thing that is clear is the level of players we have. I don’t have time to look at the squad in training as a whole. When the queue is competing every 2-3 days. I can’t tell where to play well apart from trusting your own instincts.” 

Aubameyang has only played 14 league games this season made one goal.