Mahjong or Majang in Chinese culture and society that use to be popular.

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Mahjong or Majang in Chinese culture and society that use to be popular.

Mahjong game or what the Chinese call Ma Jiang in Mandarin. But Thai people call Mahjong games. That were popular at one time. But the present has returned to the past again. Has been popular back with dignity This time. It’s famous all over the world. Especially in the online web The reason for this is because of the COVID-19 outbreak. As many people have to stay at home. Working at home and being lonely, therefore, brought a game to play to get rid of loneliness. This news spread, causing a lot of players to play in a short period of time. Can play no matter where with UFABET

Mahjong game It is important to Chinese society, especially the elderly.

In view of the new gambling society See Mahjong as a card game for old people. But how is it in reality? Today will bring you to know. Let’s know the truth. What the new generation looks like is true or not?

Mahjong game It is the culture or society of the Chinese people. and has been with the Chinese since ancient times. Some texts believe that originate three and four thousand years ago. But play in the royal palace more than in public. There is evidence of Chinese history that Mahjong originate in the 18th century and Mahid again in the 19th-20th century. It is a card game that can be played at leisure to relieve stress. good It is a play for general meditation practice of the elderly. Played in all castes, both the ruling class and the boss, it’s a card game with an unbeatable strategy. If you have a good memory, it will be an advantage because Mahjong is a card game that requires memory to play as the main key. Even Chairman Mao Zedong also played especially when faced with serious political issues. 

Most Chinese people use the same method to play Mahjong. Causing Chinese society in those days to have more Mahjong games besides. Sic Bo or the sic bo that were play in the same era. But Mahjong games lost their popularity at one time due to the abundance of devices to play. And most importantly, it’s a game that must be play with more experience than skill. Causing the new generation to lose its popularity. But for the elderly still playing the same Especially in the old society, this game is very popular. Even in the present, the aging society has increased. Mahjong games have also expanded. making it a game that has become popular again