Mikel Arteta urges Arsenal do not underestimate Chelsea.

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Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta warned his subordinates not to underestimate the ball drunk with fists like Chelsea. Because even if the form continued to slide. But enough of London Every derby match there is always a ball. Order full throttle to get 3 points to return to the top of the English Premier League crowd.

The Blues have had a tumultuous season this season. Losing five games in a row under interim manager Frank Lampard, the worst in the club’s history since 1993. 

However, Mikel Arteta does not trust opponents because the player grades are still good. Plus, they’re slowly coming close as well. Therefore, raise the high card and fight with discretion to hunt to win the table to win back from Man City UFABET

The 40-year-old coach said:

“I don’t know what kind of homework they’ve done. Because it’s a dangerous team. When you look at the individual abilities that they do on the pitch. Of course, there are potential threats to us. So should be aware of such things well. ”

“Coming to play at the Emirates Stadium is sure to bring us down.” 

“Chelsea have a fantastic, unparalleled manager. Therefore, it is difficult to predict which wood will come. When it can play in a variety of ways. With different strengths different quality as well.” 

“On our side, we have to do our homework to find a way to win the game.” 

“It’s going to be a different match than the last Chelsea game. Because it’s a London derby, they have something to prove just like us.”

“The atmosphere in the stadium will be amazing to play in. And then all I can do is push it to the best of my ability again.”

Asian handicap Arsenal per goal -5, total goals of two and a half triples -10.