Sir Jim take over the Manchester United club.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe the 1 of the bidders to take over the Manchester United club was exposed to important details. That were attached if he won. Will ask to manage the business by himself immediately. Especially the power to buy-sell. Not just a strategic alliance with the Celzer family current football owner.

Reports from the ‘Telegraph Football’ that after passing the deadline to submit an offer to buy the ‘Red Devils’ last Friday. The name of Sir Jim of the influential petrochemical empire, Ineos, appeared in the bid. 

Alongside another favorite. Sheikh Yasmin of the Royal Family of Qatar. Who offered the most expensive takeover of 5 billion pounds in the sports world. 

However, the details that the media have heard of Ratcliffe are that. They have purchased more than 50% of the shares and pushed the status of the Glazer family to 20% of the shares. Which is still quite influential. Set aside things at Old Trafford. 

Of course, if released in such a format, most United football fans are not happy. Because they want to uproot the American team. that has merged since 2005 and lacks good enough attention to the organization continuously negatively affecting the performance UFABET

The process of deliberating the proposed acquisition of Manchester United will take some time, expected to be completed before the 2023-24 calendar enters the season. With the Glazer family announcing their search for a strategic partnership in November 2022. This time has stretched for 5 months.