Arteta has defend Ramsdale. After being heavily criticize for Arsenal 2-0

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Arteta has defend Ramsdale. After being heavily criticize for Arsenal 2-0 defeat to Liverpool.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has defended key goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale. Who scored twice in the 2-0 home defeat to Liverpool in midweek.

In fact, such a match England national team goalkeeper It didn’t do any poor performance. only when compared to other match forms that show gods save as skirmishes I have to admit that it’s a little lower than the standard. That was enough to immediately make him the target of critics of the guru analysts.

Arsenal legend Paul Merson, in particular, has said that Ramsdale is too lazy to even check his position against the first post. until cutting the cross ball ever

“I admit that Ramsdale’s performance in this game was disappointing. But isn’t it natural for the world of football?” Arteta defended his love student with UFABET.

“Don’t forget that over the course of this season, Ramsdale has made difficult saves that have kept us from conceding countless goals. His performance is a phenomenon for our club.”

“And today there were moments. When Ramsdale saved us from being hit by Liverpool in the first half. Unfortunately two goals were made by a small mistake. So I don’t want anyone to insult him unfairly. even if the form is below the standard

Aaron Remsdale is one of the deals that baffled Arsenal fans the most during the tough times why the team refused to buy a missing position. But after the start of the program for the first 10 games, everything is clear in every letter. Ramsdale is one of the most prominent players in this Arsenal team.