Ian Wright insists Arsenal miss the Champions League 

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Ian Wright insists Arsenal miss the Champions League not consider a failure.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright agrees with an interview with Mikel Arteta. Who says his side have exceeded expectations and the lack of the Champions League. It cannot be said that this is a failure this season. According to UFABET.

The Spaniard sees how impressive. He uses a player of average age to compete for fourth in the Premier League until the end of the game is impressive. Although they may not play the big European football cup.

Ian Wright agrees with the remarks and believes Arsenal have improve compare to their past seasons, speaking on Premier League Productions:

“You got to this point and gave people hope. With a team that is inexperienced, their form may not be consistent. I use to say that if Arsenal finished sixth. Even though last season and the previous season they finished eighth. That means the team has made good and steady progress.

“This season they have made people look at the 4th place contenders and look at past transfers in the transfer market. As for the game against Newcastle and Tottenham Hotspur, it shouldn’t happen. But you have to say that this is where we stand, it might be a bit disappointing. But not a failure,” said Rity.