Klopp opens up on Joe Gomez’s situation following Liverpool drop

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Klopp opens up on Joe Gomez situation following Liverpool drop

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has open up about Joe Gomez’s situation. There is still a bright future at Anfield. Although this season has hardly been played at all.

“Joe Gomez’s situation at Liverpool still good as usual. He is a good defender and is improving all the time as well. But I have to admit that the chances of playing are not as many as he had hoped,” Klopp told the UFABET.

“Gomez understands how it all ended up because he had only recently overcome a lengthy injury. And he believes that he is ready to start the team continuously. But in fact, we can’t do that right away.”

“Of course, this is not a problem between us. But it is a situation that occurs within a football team, where Gomez knows that the timing of his base is not as good as that of the real centre-back. Therefore, we have to work even harder.”

“At the same time, luck is not on the side. Because I placed him in the starting lineup in the FA Cup game last month. but was diagnosed with COVID-19 Until I found out later that the results of this test were wrong. It’s too late to send the list.”

“I am one of those people who knows how talented Gomez is. He could grow into a top defender in the future. The talent in various fields is not inferior to Van Dijk, Matip, Konate at all. Just the impact of a long injury causes the disparity in rhythm.

“It’s all what is happening with Gomez right now. But I can assure you that the club has already laid out plans for him. We have common goals and ambitions. All of them are confident that they will succeed for sure.”