Neville reveals manager name better suited for Manchester United

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Neville reveals manager name better suited for Manchester United than Pochettino & Ten Hag

Gary Neville, Manchester United legend Gary Neville has frankly express. His view that the Red Devils are more suited to managing. The Red Devils than Mauricio Pochettino and Erik ten Hag. He was heavily rumored to be Diego Simeone from Atletico Madrid.

“Diego Simeone is the person I would most like to see coming to Manchester United next season. But it looks like we will never be able to take him away from Atletico Madrid,” Nev told UFABET.

“Simeone built that team on his own from scratch to greatness today, it’s almost completely unified. But I admit I would love to see him make history in the English Premier League as well.”

“He’s an incredible coach with incredible skill. whole heart Can create a team that reflects your own character very clearly. Very tricky and hard to lose, which I’ve played against Simeone in the past, that’s how it goes.

“Can you visualize that Simeone is the manager Manchester United. Because we need a leader who can really compete with Pep Guardiola & Jurgen Klopp? Both the philosophy of playing and the way of building a team especially. When controlling the game on the side of the field is that the prestige must never be inferior.”

“However, Ten Hag and Pochettino are actually two with a higher chance, according to rumours. Maybe it’s because the two are easier to control. Not very brave to add to the board of directors. Which is not a damage at all. But just looking at someone with an aggressive character like Simeone would be more beneficial to the team.”

“I don’t know how high Simeone’s release clause. But if Man Utd are willing to spend money on this deal. I’ll be the happiest.”